Hey guys, quick update. We’ve been having issues with out hosting that have kept the site down for months, including the back end of the site because we’re on WordPress. I’m posting this because for the time being, the site is here and able to be edited. If we go down in the future, you can always find our old releases on Archive.org (search Beardology) or by searching any individual artist. The newer releases on Bandcamp can also by found by searching individual artists. And then of course we also share a bunch of stuff on our personal Soundcloud and YouTube pages. Follow Beardology Records on Facebook for the latest updates and links to releases.

Also, while I’ve got your attention, we released a new album from the Garbage Men and you can get that here if you want.

The site has been remade. Horay!

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes rebuilding everything from scratch after we switched hosts. It was a long and boring process. But now we’ve got 3 new releases from friends who released stuff in our 2 year hiatus.

slam jam vol 2

First up is a R0CKET SAUCE!!! album and a sequel to a perennial favorite. It’s Time To Slam Jam Vol 2. looks at what happens after dark, when the lights are out. Give it a spin if you’re a Space Jam-inclined individual.

ultradance megamix 2000

Next is another R0CKET SAUCE!!! release, this time non-Space Jam themed. Ultradance Party Megamix 2000 is an attempt to showcase dance music through out the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. It all blends together in what might be the best R0CKET SAUCE!!! album yet!

jcp - live sessions and demos

Finally we have a John/Cue\Publik release that continues the work we’ve seen on his Benchwarmer series with his latest Live Sessions & Demos 2012-2015. It gives more looks behind the scenes at what this evolving artist is putting together.

Also, in our research we found out that we’re going to have our 10-year anniversary in May, so that’s kinda cool. Maybe we’ll pump out some more releases soon? Who knows.

Beardology Records! Yeah!

Hey Fwends, we’re excited to announce that we’ve finally rebuilt all of the individual album pages from the old site. All 31 of them! Hover over the “Beardography” tab on the left to take a look at some of our old releases. Don’t click “Beardography” though because that main page hasn’t been updated yet. (If you’re on a phone or tablet, scroll back up, press the 3 horizontal line box, press Beardography, and press any of the releases listed there, or just don’t use a phone to browse our site).

There might be a few bugs to work out but they should all have album art, links to downloads of the albums (either on Archive.org or Bandcamp where applicable) and links back to the artist pages. Soon we’ll get the artist pages redone (still have some broken links) and the front pages for Artists, Beardography, Mixes, etc (to be updated this week [hopefully…no promises]).

We’re also taking new submissions now, so hit up the Info page to learn how to get us your demos and your mixtapes.

Finally, this whole site should work pretty good on phones, but phones are not our emphasis when it comes to design. If something looks a little off, switch to a computer like a human being, please. Kthxbye.

Hey kids — we had to switch hosts and in the process the entire website was lost. Oh no!

The good news is we’ll be rebuilding and making the site better than ever. The bad news is that is a lot of work. Bleh!

So we’ll be back soon. Just stay posted and watch our Facebook group for updates. We’ll be sure to make this new site completely incompatible with mobile interfaces, so you should use a computer like a real man. See ya real soon!