Merry Beard-mas!

December 25th, 2012 by D-Sane

Just a quick update right here at the end of the year.  We wanted to let you know about a Beard-mas gift from us to you — Aural Kaleidoscope II by grimey L! grimey likes to get his tunes to us right on Christmas for a gift to all of his friends and fans, and this marks his 3rd effort with us.  As usual, grimey produced all the beats and has guest MCs featured on several of the tracks.  If you dig it, be sure to check out his back catalog here and here.

Have a happy end of the year!

<3 D-Sane

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I’m Just Sitting Here Warming This Bench

November 27th, 2012 by D-Sane

Longtime Beardology John/Cue\Publik just handed in his second entry in his semi-regularly released series, “The Benchwarmer Collection.” The 2010-2012 collection is a series of B-sides that John produced over the last few years for different various projects. Particularly of note is the track’s single, E-Thug, which features an epic cut up of a dial up modem sounds at around 1:24. Classic /Cue\. Peep the album here or drop $4 and get the high quality mp3 downloads!

-Love D-Sane

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Big Things Poppin’ In Beard-Land

November 15th, 2012 by D-Sane

Yo, I hope you guys are going strong into No Shave November. We’re halfway through so if your beard is a little itchy, just man up and stick it out.

I know you haven’t heard much from us in a little while, but that’s because we’re a bunch of lazy fuckers.  Sorry.  If you’re following us on Facebook, you can get this information in real time instead of waiting for us to remember how to code HTML. So instead of several regular updates, how about 1 huge one?  YEAH!

First up, we have the debut album from Beardology Records co-founder, David Peck, called “Noctilucence.”  It’s not an official Beardology release, but we love the guy anyway, so it’s coming at you right now:

Peck himself describes the album as “striking a balance between synthetic electronics & organic recordings, composition & improvisation, and musicality & sound design,” but the shorthand way of saying that is to just say it’s some great experimental downtempo instrumental hip hop. You can stream it on Bandcamp for free or pay a buck to download it.

Next, we have two official Beardology releases, one of which is by me, your friendly neighborhood D-Sane. I’m never any good at writing about my own tunes, but let’s just say they are electronic/IDM love songs, sometimes about Nazis and dinosaurs. The album is titled “&” (pronounced “Ampersand”) and you can get it for any price you like (including zero dollars and zero cents) right here:

The other Beardology official release of this update is by the R0CKET SAUCE!!! boys — it’s a mashup mixtape of epic proportions. “It’s Time To Slam Jam!” is the name of the album, and every track is a mashup of the theme song to Space Jam, with a heavy emphasis on audio featuring Charles Barkley. Ummm…amazing. It’s a free download, no payment requred:

And finally to round things out, we have a music video for a turntablist track by Shortrock called “I Know But I’m Not Trying Hard Enough To Change.” This video marks the directorial debut of our buddy grimey L, so let’s look forward to some more badass videos from him in the future. Peep the part where Shortrock is scratching records with no turntable — classic!

-Love D-Sane

New Beardologist: The Sheriff

March 20th, 2012 by D-Sane

Let me tell you about the Sheriff. He’s a 19 year old up and coming rapper from New Jersey that is already off to a very promising start with his self produced inaugural mixtape “Kill All Rappers.” It’s a trip through rap battles, party music, drinking, smoking, sex, cartoons, and video games all delivered with a very solid and often humorous voice. In true mixtape fashion, the Sheriff is putting other rappers on notice by one uping them on their own beats. There are a few original beats on the album as well just to remind you that it’s not all just recycling other people’s beats into better tracks. We’re hoping to see a lot more of the Sheriff in the near future. Download this mixtape, it’s great.

-Love D-Sane

PS: Bonus news: David Peck, the other guy that co-founded Beardology Records with me just told me that he’s got 2 EPs for release pretty quick here. One of them will be for sale (all procedes go directly to him so if you like great art, support great artists!) and the other will be a free download right here on Beardology. Check out his mixtape from last year.

New Beardologist: Amphibian Children a.k.a. Lo.Freq

February 18th, 2012 by D-Sane

Hey hey! We’ve got a new album for your downloading pleasure! It’s from Beardology Records newcommer Amphibian Children a.k.a. Lo.Freq and it’s some of the best lofi psychedelic hip hop that I’ve ever heard. Think Boards of Canada meets Prefuse 73. The album, “Latchkey Playerz (The Miseducation of Lo.Freq.)” is free as always, but Amphibian Children is also offering his 2nd album over at his CD Baby page for $6. Buy it!

Stay tuned to this space for more album release information.

-Love D-Sane

Exciting Times

February 7th, 2012 by D-Sane

In case you missed it when we posted this back in December, grimey L dropped his 2nd Beardology album on is, titled Aural Kaleidoscope back on X-mas Eve. It’s a diverse showcase of talented MCs all with connections to grimey L, featuring grimey on production (and occasionally on the mic as well).

In other news, we have a few upcoming albums to look forward to, including a new one from Moroccan ambient genius Barzakh, newcommer Amphibian Children a.k.a. LoFreq giving us his lo-fi stylings, and two Tuscon MCs (Danger James & AL BASICS) reinventing last year’s hit album by Shag, Palette. It’s going to be another great year with Beardology. Spread the word to your friends.

Oh, BTW, check out this badass remix of IMDABES done by our very own David Peck!

New Beardologist: G The G

July 31st, 2011 by D-Sane

I’m always excited when I get fresh content sent in that fits perfectly with what we’re looking for here at Beardology, so you can imagine how excited I was when G the G sent in his demo.  Submitting electro house offerings that can, in my opinion, stand toe to toe with MSTRKRFT, Soulwax, and Steve Aoki, I knew we had a winner with this guy.  His latest release, Rave Or Die EP, is the perfect thing to throw to in DJ sets when the crowd has heard the same dozen songs over and over again and wants something fresh.  He draws inspiration from hip hop and electro, and I think I can detect a little bit of chiptune and dubstep in his style and punk rock in his attitude.  G the G is a welcome addition to the Beardology roster and we look forward to a lot of great releases from him in the future.

-Love D-Sane

New Beardologist: Christopher S. Carlson

May 17th, 2011 by D-Sane

Christopher S. Carlson - Dividing All The TimeWe’re happy to announce that our buddy Christopher S. Carlson has joined the Beardology team. His experimental ambient tunes will be a great addition to our musical offerings. Think in terms of Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2, Vangelis, Boards of Canada, and you’re pretty close to Chris’s sound. Or better yet, just check out the album for yourself. It’s available for streaming and download in any format you like. Stay tuned to the Facebook page for details on future releases from Chris.

We’re announcing the official adoption of Bandcamp as our host for future albums as it gives the listeners a more versatile experience with getting our tunes. Basically, any format that you can imagine is available (I personally prefer the 320 kbps mp3s for being a good meeting place between portability and sound quality). The music can still be downloaded for free (just set the price to $0.00). Also, if you want to help out the artists themselves by buying the songs that you download, the option to do so is there. This way everybody wins. The older releases will remain where they are, but all future releases from Beardology will be featured on Bandcamp pages.

Beat Store Partnership

May 17th, 2011 by D-Sane

Looking to sell some beats to aspiring hip hop MCs? We’re pleased to announce a partnership with Grimey Republik to sell your beats auction style. Generally, these guys will be looking to buy hip hop style instrumental tracks, but they could be looking for more out there sounds. For more details on this, hit me up through email at

New Beardologist: Shag

April 19th, 2011 by D-Sane

Shag - PaletteIt’s always a great time around the office when we get to work with new artists.  Shag sent in his album Palette 2 days ago and we basically fast tracked him into the artist roster.  His album is composed of funk and soul samples with hip hop beats that can stand toe to toe with some of the best producers in the industry.  And this kid is only 18 years old.  We look forward to a rich future for Shag in the coming years.  Be sure to grab Palette in the Beardography section.

-Love D-Sane

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