[BRD026] Latchkey Playerz (The Miseducation of Lo.Freq.)

More info about Amphibian Children a.k.a. Lo.Freq

01. basic dialogue/Ok Here We Go
02. Whats My Name Is?
03. learning to see/Oddz And Numberz
04. Supermode
05. Latchkey Playerz
06. Happenstance
07. Starseed Children
08. What You Are Looking At
09. 3sum
10. Dismissables/Sun Pictures
11. Impossible 2 Equations
12. Sasquatch Documentary
13. Brief Encounters With Warm Bodies
14. Blacktop Pimpz

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Latchkey Playerz (the Miseducation of Lo.Freq.)” a fusion of lo-fi Hip Hop, experimental electronic, and psychedelia. Playground Hip Hop would be suiting terminology. L.K.P follows the misadventures of Amphibian Children’s beat-head alter ego “Lo.Freq” into a spectrum of woozy and limping analogue bass lines, convolving psychedelic loops, 1970′s PBS science documentary vignettes and bouncing cut/paste beats that elicit involuntary head nodding. The melodies are warm, nostalgic and uneasily introspective… somehow damaged… like looking at a sun bleached Polaroid of a fleeting childhood moment. Each song represents the experiences of a misfit child growing up in a world where the lowest common denominator determines the status quo, captures the memory on tape or some other outdated medium, and plays it back through an auricular kaleidoscope… if Boards of Canada teamed up with Air and remixed some Tribe Called Quest and D’Angelo songs, then gave in to Funkstorung for finishing touches, it would sound something like this album.

Amphibian Children’s second album “Second World of Ghosts” completely filters out all the warmth and positivity of “Latchkey Playerz”, The only similarities are the psychedelic disturbances and low end algorithms. Many of the songs feature unconventional time signatures, low fidelity beats, East Asian scales and a “freeflow” structure in lieu of the verse/chorus standard. “S.W.o.G” explores the lines between insanity and psychotoxic hallucinations. Playing out like a foggy venture into unfamiliar cultures that may or may not exist. Imagine being lost in a strange rainforest under the influence of entheogens, or the faint memory of singing Karaoke in a dark, smokey bar with an intoxicated ladyboy somewhere in Bangkok… Preview and purchase “Second World Of Ghosts” here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/amphibianchildren